Frequently Asked Question about memememo

memememo is still a beta web service, therefore, specs and conditions may be changed in the future, we've answered questions frequently asked about memememo.
If you have any questions, and if you already have a memememo member, please write questions or requests in Support Folder, or send a message to a *memememo*.
Of course, if you don't have memememo account yet, please let me hear from you via Inquiry page of the website of meme design.

[Q] memememo is completely free or may be charged in the future?

[A] Competely Free as far as service continues
memememo is beta version now, and its free on-line web service.
We may start the charged version that expanded some functions and capacities or license service in the future, but we continues and provides the free service of the present level as far as memememo continues.

[Q] Let me know memememo's system requirement.

[A] Latest web browser that supports Latest FlashPlayer
Since memememo is a Web application which runs on web browser, hardware requirement cannot be strictly declared.
General requirement seems to be as follows;

WebBrowser InternetExplorer7.0、Firefox3.5、Opera9.0、GoogleChrome2.0、Safari2.0 or higher
FlashPlayerVer.10 or higher version installed

Although it may change with platforms for details, since memememo runs under Macromedia Flashplayer, the hardware and software requirement should be the same as Flash player, so please refer to the system requirement page of Flash player in Adobe website.
The higher version the more confortable, and be careful memememo does'nt run under Flash Player 7 or lower, nor Flash lite.
memememobile can be accessable via 3G cellular phone that supports CHTML or iPhone.
You can access memememo trial demo site from Top page, so please check memememo can be accessable from your PC.

[Q] Are there any limitation of folders/cards?

[A] 10 Folders and totally 1000 cards available
Since memememo has just started open beta test, we are going to check the stability and in order to avoid troubles, the maximum number of cards which each member can create is provisionally limited up to 1000 cards, and max. 10 folders per user except for the home folder.
Although we hope to extend the limitation, but actions may slow down as you add more cards.
The load of the data may differ under various environments and specs of PC, we recommend the cards on one screen should be less than 100, and please use hierarchical structure (subcard system) effectively.

[Q] Any limitation of uploadable file size?

[A] 10 mb per file attached, totally 100 mb space
At this time, maximum disk space per user is 100 megabytes.
We hope to increase the size gradually, but please be patient to share huge movies or audio data under the beta test for the time being.

[Q] The number of ID which can permit group access?

[A] Not limited now
We have not yet limit the maximum ID amount per group, but it may change or limit the number after the load test.

[Q] If I select "View on browser" on file-attached card, it try to start download. Why?

[A] It depends on your browser setting
The file-attached card has the function to "View on browser" from card menu.
However, when the attached file's (MIME) type is not supported by browser (or its plug-in), the download dialog appears to save the file on your local disk.
For example, plain text file, PDF file, many graphics files(JPEG, GIF,PNG), Flash datafile should be displayed correctly by many browsers.
When the dialog of download came out, please select Cancel and close the dialog, then download the attached file by "Download" from its card menu.

[Q] We like to use memememo on business but are anxious about Security

[A] Please contact us
There is no problem that you use memememo in your office, but this web service is open for general consumer users.
We are ready to provide secured, customized or licensed version of memememo for corporate use like ASP/SaaS style.
First of all please try memememo in your office and think you can use it as your corporate system, please do not hesitate to contact us from meme design's website.