Three Features of memememo

memememo has various function and uses, and it should be too long and rather unclear to enumerate all of them.
We selected three features of memememo to introduce its convenience and charms.

No.1: All information recorded on cards in the Cloud

memememo runs on not only Windows, but also Mac and Linux
memememo is a Web Application.
Therefore, it is not necessary to install software on your PC to use memememo,
You just access from your latest web browser that supports FlashPlayer, get your account and log on.
No problem with Mac or Linux.

various information on cards in memememo

No.2: Change folder attribute according to your purpose

You can change folder attribute according to your purpose.
Home is your default private folder, unavailable to change attribute. So please try to add your memo cards, they are in secret area.
If you want to make your cards public, add new Shared folder, and add/move cards in the folder, then those cards will become accessible from others you allowed.
memememo is the multi-type task & information-sharing service which can support your needs from Personal Information Manager to Groupware.
Your memo transforms into your Life-Log
You can add or change your folder attribute either of four types of "Private", a "Selected ID Group", "All memememo members", and "Web Public"
You can make your memo public with no effort not only to memememo members but also to the public as blog or website.

Card edit and outline view

No.3: Variegated application and Mobility

Calendar, TODO list, Addressbook to YouTube / Amazon search
You can see your tasks or TODO deadlines on your Calendar, can check what should be done on TODO list, or can search the applicable cards with the keyword or by card type.
In outline Editor, You can arrange cards with hierarchical view like outline processor.
By moving cards freely between classes, you can find ambiguous idea, leaks, subject, etc. come to be in sight.

Check memememo anywhere on memememobile
You can log on to memememobile from your cellular, iPhone, and Mobile Internet Devices without FlashPlayer to check/add your memo, ToDo and tasks.
You can add your memo anywhere you want on memememobile, then arrange your cards on your PC when you are home.

Variegated application and Mobility