In office and business scene

There are so many groupware, so memememo is unnecessary for your office?
But... is the groupware of your company convenient to communicate with external out-sourcers?
Can you accumulate information on some theme or exchange the resources freely in your office?
You don't spend too much costs for developing knowledge management or project management system.
There are many things you can do with memememo.

Start from sharing your address book

If your address cards are put on group folder, you can search and list all the address on that folder.
Of course, narrowing down is also possible to see only the data of your private folder.
Moreover, you can search any type of cards containing a specific name and list them up.

Project management with ToDo and Task Card Sharing

A folder is prepared for a project and all the ToDo cards in the folder can be listed by sharing within a group.
The whole project can be overlooked by sorting the list in order of to-do status or priority.
Not only the search list but also your task card can be shared within group and you can view all the task card on your calendar.
Of course, you can toggle the calendar view with your individual tasks only and the view with all the tasks included in subscribed folders.

File sharing & Version management with comments easy to tell apart

Some may have to share the data of Word or Excel using a file sharing server or FTP software.
However, isn't it hard to distinguish whether it is data you need, then you guess the contents from its file name and limited comment?
Even if you exchange data file by e-mail or FTP, there should be much restriction, and it becomes ambiguous when the data was created or revised.
In memememo, you can use file-attached card with descriptions, comments and tags, and it's also easy to manage the versions and project with the folder and card layer system.